Bottom-line improvement in any production environment requires a sensitive balancing of costs between manufacturing and distribution.

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Early supplier involvement is key to the success of any project. We work with some of the top product development firms worldwide and support every project from concept to completion.

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Our engineers have access to the latest advancements in materials, processing, tooling and assembly, creating second-to-none plastic product-development prowess.

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Molding Capabilities

Horizontal and Vertical Injection Molding
Twin & Two-Shot Injection Molding
Two Color and Soft-Shot Over Molding
Three Shot Injection Molding
Gas Assist Molding – In-house nitrogen compressor
Insert Molding – Fully Automated
Structural Foam Low Pressure Molding
Structural Web Low Pressure Molding
Automation Work Cells – on/off-line
Compression/Transfer Molding
RJG with Edart Process Monitoring
iMLFUX Process Technology

Decorating & Assembly

Full Part & Packaging Assembly
Fully Automated Assembly and Packaging
In-Mold Labeling & Decorating
Painting/Shielding – In-house
Multi-Color Hot Stamping
Multi-Color Pad Printing
Gasket – Leak Proof Assembly
Heat Sealing & Transfer & Adhesive Bonding
Sonic Welding & Heat Staking
Kitting and Individual Part Traceability

Research & Development

Industrial Design and Concept Development
Form, Visual, and Assembly Concept Design
Project Management & Sustainable DFM
In-House Mold Flow Simulation

Quality Management & Certifications

ISO Certified
Compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) System
Clean Assembly Environment for FDA/GMP Products
Metrology, APQP, PPAP, ISIR & DHR

Rapid Prototype & Tool Build Management

3D Printing, SLA, SLS & Casting
Soft and 3D Printed Tooling
CNC Machining & Scale Models
Functional & Mechanical Prototypes
Program Launch Management
SPE/SPI Standard Mold Design Management

Material Handling

30 Silos able to store over 2.6 Million lbs.
Custom Underground Processing System
Direct Silo to Machine Material Systems
Material Moisture Analysis
Railroad Direct Access

Inventory, Logistics & Manufacturing Management

IQMS – Real Time, EDI & Preventative Maintenance
Just-in-Time Delivery & Returnable Packaging Management
Kanban, Dock-to-Stock & Direct Shipment Management
5 Manufacturing Facilities Centrally Located in the USA
900,000 sq ft of Manufacturing and Warehouse Space

Commercial Plastics’ depth as an organization is grounded in creative product development and plastics design.

Commercial Plastics’ injection molding-design capabilities are always being updated to stay ahead of our customers’ plastics-design expectations. Whether starting from a sketch or a reverse-engineering project, our customers know they can rely on our design analysis to reach their goals.

Our plastics-design experts will guide you from idea to end product using state-of-the-art parametric solid-modeling software. Outsourcing your injection-molding design & manufacturing lets you focus on your company’s core strengths. Plus, our rapid-prototyping capabilities help ensure the final product developed from the initial design will function seamlessly in its desired context long before it goes into production.

Commercial Plastics’ extensive knowledge of materials and resins allows us to create injection-mold designs that solve manufacturing problems before they start. With this extensive experience, we optimize not only final product cost; we also optimize weight, manufacturability, ergonomics, time-to-market and any other parameters critical to your project’s success.

At Commercial Plastics, we understand that speed-to-market is critical in today’s business climate. Our vast resources in rapid-prototype parts, tooling and final parts production will ensure that the molded plastic components of your project meet your timeline while allowing you to remain focused on the project’s overall goals.

Commercial Plastics knows every mold is a custom asset, and each mold differs in its geometry, materials, cooling rate and tolerances. Our tooling engineers analyze every aspect of tooling and plastic-part design to make sure your final product does the job intended. The bottom line for us is this: a correctly designed tool is the foundation for meeting final product requirements and ultimate project goals.

Our worldwide partners in plastic-tool construction offer you a wide range of choices so you can select the right tool for the job. Commercial Plastics’ advanced plastic tool-design capabilities means that your project is expertly managed from first engagement to product completion.

Commercial Plastics’ experienced tooling engineers also manage preventive maintenance, mold modifications & repairs, and mold refurbishment in-house. This helps ensure that your products remain consistent in quality and performance year after year.

When your business requires high-volume parts at competitive prices, Commercial Plastics can engineer a solution for you through our contract-molding services division. Our contract injection molding takes advantage of the latest automation and advanced process controls. This helps ensure the first piece off the line looks and performs the same as the last.

Commercial Plastics supports contract injection molding of parts numbering into the millions, all with a low PPM. We offer complete, in-house, high-speed injection molding as well as high-speed decorating. We employ continuous automated work cells to keep projects moving, CNC robotics to ensure consistent molding cycles, and online SPC to provide you with the highest quality standards available.

Advanced injection-molding process monitoring, along with gravimetric color blending at the injection molding press, ensures consistency in parts Commercial Plastics handles. Combined with our bulk-material drying and automated handling and packaging, our contract-molding processes provide you the value, quality, service and timely delivery you need to meet your project’s demands.

Commercial Plastics is a leader in Large Part Molding with over 30 years experience and over 16 presses from 900 tons to 2000 tons.  Our Illinois plant was specifically built for large part molding with a custom underground material handling systems with 6 silos able to hold 1 million pounds of raw material.   We optimize material handling, part handling, quality, cosmetics and logistics that large part molding demands.  All of these components help produce the parts that keep your manufacturing projects running on time and to exacting standards.

In injection molding, particularly when dealing with large-part molding, choosing the right partner can be key to the success of your job. Commercial Plastics’ large-tonnage molding capabilities make us distinctively qualified to handle all your largest projects.

CPC Large Tonnage Molding Advantages

• Central locations for optimal shipping costs
• Quick change over systems for JIT
• Robotic Cells with 4 to 6 axis robots on all our large tonnage presses
• Porcelain material handling systems for abrasive materials
• Railroad direct access
• Returnable packaging logistics management
• Gas-Assist equipped on all our large tonnage presses
• Highly aesthetics parts with molded-in color
• Large mold build experience and management with worldwide partners
• High volume production
• Many secondary operations and assembly capabilities

Commercial Plastics has invested in the latest In-Mold Labeling and Decorating technology with pre-cut roll-fed technology.  This new technology eliminates the need to cut the labels in-line.  This allows for thinner labels with a more robust construction that replaces the cut and stack method and traditional roll fed method.

We have over 10 years of in-mold labeling and decorating experience used in many different applications.  We have partnered with the top label makers keeping up with the latest technology as the IML industry innovates.   Our systems are designed for sequential barcode reading and barcode lot traceability for medical and healthcare applications.     

Advantages for In-mold labeling and decorating

In-mold labeling and decoration has many advantages over conventional decorating methods. These advantages include:
• Waste reduction – elimination of liner waste from PS or Heat Transfer decorations
• In-line barcode lot traceability
• In-line Device History Recording
• Scrap Reduction
• Better label and marking permanence
• Improved package or product design
• Improved recycling
• Reduced cost compared to other plastic decorating methods

Insert molding is accomplished using the latest technology in robotics and automation.  Applications include insert molding of various metal and plastic components, as well as electrical connectors, magnetic devices and numerous other unique inserts. From a single bearing automatically inserted to 27 inserts hand loaded to vision confirmation for insert accuracy, we have extensive experience in semi and fully automated insert molding.   Commercial Plastics’ experienced engineering group can help you meet stringent requirements for bonding and locating insert and over-molded components in your next project.


• Bearing and threaded insert assembly
• Stainless steel and stamped metal assembly
• Rubber wear resistance assembly
• Electrical connection assembly
• Magnetic assembly


• Critical assembly strength of metal vs. plastic
• Multiple physical property needs of a single material
• Faster assembly cycle times
• Elimination of secondary assembly material stresses

When it comes to low-volume or high-volume molding Commercial Plastics has your project requirements covered. Our short-run injection molding capabilities are supported from design through distribution with the same commitment to quality control and customer service as our high-volume molding.

Short-run injection molding at Commercial Plastics complies with the same rigorous time-to-market standards and helps us serve customers in a wide range of industries. We carefully manage our processes to reduce lead times by employing quick changeover tools that reduce setup time and cost. Flexible work cells also minimize handling, which ensures Just-In-Time manufacturing and low-volume molding projects remain cost-effective.

Similar to CPC’s high-volume molding, our short-run injection molding projects take advantage of complete in-house engineering and tool-maintenance services. We offer just-in-time production capabilities as well as extensive warehousing space / 3PL experience to maximize the benefits of both and minimize the impact of either on your project’s balance sheet.  We also offer over-molding, insert molding and secondary operations for low-volume molding.

Commercial Plastics Press Breakdown - Plant Location and Tonnage Range

Tonnage Range

Commercial Plastics Injection Molding Location0-99100-199200-299300-399400-499500-599600-699700-9991,000-1,9992,000-29993,000-3,999Total
Kenosha, WI411713396420059
Mundelein, IL3434131261129
Waverly, NE29936201432059
Monterrey, MX3454452411134
Mora, MN332304661331

Tonnage Range

Commercial Plastics Compression Molding Location0-99100-199200-299300-399400-499500-599600-699700-9991,000-1,9992,000-29993,000-3,999Total
Mundelein, IL31116

Tonnage Range

Commercial Plastics Structural Foam/Web Molding Location0-99100-199200-299300-399400-499500-599600-699700-9991,000-1,9992,000-29993,000-3,999Total
Mora, MN21121411
Overall Total213


At Commercial Plastics we do not “add” quality to our process. Quality is “engineered” into every product we develop. From inception through commercialization and beyond, we ensure stringent quality standards.


Some of the many testing procedures we offer:
  • Moisture Analysis
  • Melt Flow Index (ASTM D1238)
  • Specific Gravity (ASTM D792)
  • Gardner Impact Testing
Quality Management & Certifications
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) System
  • Clean Assembly Environment for FDA/GMP Products
  • Metrology, APQP, PPAP, ISIR & DHR
  • FARO® Quantum FAROARM® Scanning for complete 3D measurements
  • FDA, NSF, UL, & IAPMO Compliant
  • IQ, OQ, PQ Validation Protocol