Bottom-line improvement in any production environment requires a sensitive balancing of costs between manufacturing and distribution. On one hand, on-demand production can help reduce risk of over-production and outdated stock. On the other, injection molding in very small lot sizes has an inherent expense and time investment, no matter how quickly it is molded, packed and shipped.

Our third-party logistics – or 3PL – capabilities are second to none because we’ve invested in both sides of the equation. We offer just-in-time production capabilities as well as extensive warehousing space / 3PL experience to maximize the benefits of both and minimize the impact of either on your project’s balance sheet.

As an added benefit, our warehousing space is centrally located in the U.S. This helps you manage shipping costs whether your assembly plant is located in Washington or Florida.  And with the experience required to ship goods worldwide, our 3PL experts can help surmount even your most entrenched global manufacturing and distribution obstacles.

Third-party logistics services include:

  • Extensive centrally located warehousing
  • Pre-Ship Stock Audits
  • Freight-Cost Analysis
  • Returnable Packaging
  • Import/Export Abilities
  • In-House Brokerage
  • Order Tracking
  • Electronic Shipping Notification