We produce internal components for commercial laundry systems utilizing RJG process monitoring for 100% balanced parts. Our integrated operations include automated insert molding, part to part heat staking and balance testing to meet the demands of the Commercial Laundry industry.


Insert molding is accomplished using the latest technology in robotics and automation.  Applications include insert molding of various metal and plastic components, as well as electrical connectors, magnetic devices and numerous other unique inserts. From a single bearing automatically inserted to 27 inserts hand loaded to vision confirmation for insert accuracy, we have extensive experience in semi and fully automated insert molding.   Commercial Plastics’ experienced engineering group can help you meet stringent requirements for bonding and locating insert and over-molded components in your next project.


  • Bearing and threaded insert assembly
  • Stainless steel and stamped metal assembly
  • Rubber wear resistance assembly
  • Electrical connection assembly
  • Magnetic assembly


  • Critical assembly strength of metal vs. plastic
  • Multiple physical property needs of a single material
  • Faster assembly cycle times
  • Elimination of secondary assembly material stresses


Our process validation starts with RJG.  We utilize the RJG eDart system to validate the process and monitor the process to produce demanding parts.   Process validation and complete process documentation are vital for our customers.   This along with IQMS real-time monitoring gives CPC the quality assurance to keep that competitive edge.     


  • Reduce scrap and processing time
  • Record historical processing data on every shot
  • Monitor critical information
  • Real-time production monitoring
  • Faster change-over of molds and inserts
  • Increase quality assurance
  • Understand which parameters are essential to product quality