We produce LED luminaries and housings for energy efficient lighting. We use high-performance polycarbonates providing lighting manufacturers with a way to develop products that meet high technical requirements and the expectations of their customers.


Plastic injection molding in its simplest form is a process where we inject raw plastic material into a custom designed mold to produce our customer’s parts.  We utilize our latest technologies and over 70 years of experience to build a better product for our customers.

Our Injection Molding Capabilities

  • Horizontal Injection Molding
  • Vertical Injection Molding
  • 1oz to 360oz part capacity
  • In-Mold Labeling and Decorating
  • Twin & Two-Shot Injection Molding
  • Two Color and Soft-Shot Over-Molding
  • High Cavitation Molding
  • Compression/Transfer Molding
  • Structural Foam Molding
  • Gas Assist Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Stack molds